NUKI1 is a 2D puzzle-platformer-adventure-whatnot-mix game in honor of my dog and friend, Nuki. Take Your dog, leave earth, and go on a journey!

Maneuver through asteroid fields, fight rabid alien attack squirrels, explore caves and mines, get rid of alien drones, fly a jetpack, use pipebombs and different guns, solve puzzles and more!

The game focuses on items and usage of items, three different movement modes (side-view platformer, spaceship movement a la Asteroids, and top-down movement), and the usage of computer terminals and some clever riddles that may need external resources to solve!




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Technical info

For Linux/ODROID, the only dependencies of this game are SDL2/SDL2_image/SDL2_ttf and tinyxml2, the complete engine and the rest of the game was written in pure C++ from scratch.

The Windows version should ship all the SDL*.dll files and what else is needed...

On Desktop: Intended resolution is 1536x864 in windowed mode (which scales nicely to 1920x1080 native screen resolution. Other resolutions not tested, but can be set in config.ini)

Press F11 to cycle through windows/fullscreen/(fullscreen stretched) modes.

All contents of this game are made by the author himself, except the templates for some warning signs that came from Wikipedia (CC license), that means that all tiles, entities and items are hand-drawn, sfx are made by my own voice or via $sfxr, "music" was done in Cubase (or recorded in the forest).

See for all details.

On ODROID GO SUPER, it is only tested with RetroOZ 0.50. (No guarantee!)
More in README.txt


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More animated shorts

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